Quantum Human Design

Quantum Human Design uses astrology to create a Chart of your unique operating system: includes energy type, archetypal patterns, how they interact, challenges, sweet spots and how you contribute your talents to us. Your chart is interpreted in the form of a Reading, or a number of sessions - the length of time you want this to be is up to you and timing. How deep do you want to explore? Do you want it all now? Do you want to just have taste test. Do you have some specific pain points or recurring themes that you would like to clarify and then want to be free of, then consider combining a reading with EFT or Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). 

A Quantum Human Design gives you an incredibly accurate map of your unique internal operating system as a Human Being by using your birth time, date and place. Combining Astrology, the Kabbalah, Chakra system and quantum physics. Deepen your understanding of yourself to life more aligned to who you authentically are.