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Quantum Human Design Reading One Hour

Quantum Human Design Reading One Hour

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Lets go through your chart for 60 minutes - This is a great place to start. 

You see if you like how I share your chart with you and if it lands effectively.

I love to share what's in your chart as a way of acknowledging your unique self. Being seen like this is incredibly validating. By highlighting your natural operating system, there is no denying who you are here to be. It's not like you need to know what's in your chart so you can start being it! Ultimately, it's you. A reading acknowledges that that this is your own design. You will get a lot of answers to questions or beliefs you didn't know you had. AND your main ways of being/operating system or archetypes. 

This can shine a light on some new ways of understanding where you get stuck, have blocks and challenges which brings new ways of moving through.

We can go through the basics, get more technical looking at the built in conflicts that make you stretch and grow while embracing your higher self. We use quantum human design™ language to upgrade your how you speak to yourself now and to your future self.

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