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Quantum Human Design Life Cycle Reading

Quantum Human Design Life Cycle Reading

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This is an advanced reading that captures your past, present and future. Your birth Human Design chart is summarised which doesn’t change.  We look to the planets and gates that are activated for you around major life stages as these themes will be activated in your relationships. The solar return is about the themes people will be bringing into your life throughout the year. Saturn Return occurs twice from the ages of 28-32 and 58-62. Uranus Opposition around 40 years old, the Uranus return is at 84. Chiron return is around 50 years old, and starts to kick off around age 48. 

Saturn return is where we really lock in ourselves as Adults and its theme is this is the end of youthful folly. Saturn is a great teacher or destroyer so if you haven’t got round to making the changes necessary to bring your life into alignment so you can live an authentic life (your heart, head and soul are aligned) and on the right path, it will help you. 

Uranus opposition is where we move from the south nodes to the north nodes. Which is all about direction. We realise that our time on “earth school” is limited which causes some major shifts in perspective. At this time in our lives there is at lot of change in roles and identity too. Peak of careers happening, children leaving home, roles of mother and father shifting and menopause for those born female.

The Chiron occurs, which is all about the aligning to that spiritual path, you have done all the “norms” that society have asked and now its time to awaken or solidify your spiritual theme and work on bringing yourself fulfilment in your life purpose. 

The second Saturn return theme is a planetary check in - How are you going with fulfilling your life purpose and do you need help to get there? Do you need fuel, education, energy, to start again, support, inspiration, provoking or challenge, or a new drive? 

This reading outlines the themes you will be maturing through, within your relationships and personal challenges that awaken your self esteem, power, lovability, authenticity, integrity, boundaries, spiritual growth and energies within your relationships. 

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