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Quantum Human Design & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Quantum Human Design & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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What gets in the way of us truely being authentic?
Well, there is a whole lot!
Firstly, we are each made of DNA from an egg and sperm. (Explanation specific as this is the nurse in me - and I am aware that not all of us knew from whom these came from - however epigenetics tell us this really matters! up to 14 generations back). We carry memory in our DNA as imprinting.
We are then born into a family we desperately want to accept us as this means we stay alive.  
Our family members each have their own preferences, personalities, values and priorities.
So we believe what they inform us about our reality, who and what we are. This is called "conditioning". 
You are susceptible to conditioning where you have open or undefined areas in your chart - Where it has no colour and is white. This is where you are open. 
Openness is where we experience variability in the chart - meaning the energy here is inconsistent. It is also where we can get side tracked and believe this energy is ours so we think we are this 'certain way' but we are not. Our bodies and brains don’t know what is true or made up, so we get tangled up in stories with the end result of a untrue or hidden self belief without knowing why we keep getting stuck or low self value. 
Definition in the chart is where you have a consistent way of experiencing this energy of which there is high and low expressions of those archetypes.
Your chart when examined as a whole has built in challenges that are designed to support your growth in this life adventure.
EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a way of examining all the parts of the story so you get to distinguish what is the current story you are telling yourself, why and then creating an opportunity to create what you want.  
With foundations in psychology practices such as cognitive therapies and acupuncture points in the body it is considered an experimental methodology while the evidence for it to treat Anxiety, PTSD, Addiction, Chronic Pain and Weight loss is growing.
When applied to your quantum human design chart we can get very specifically into areas where you may be blocked or challenged and re-define it. Often times hitting on the root cause of your pain, money story, self esteem story or fears.
Using a series of “points” throughout the body, tapping reducing your feeling of distress, eliminating the emotion sitting behind the thought of memory and your body’s response to it thereby addressing the memory holistically.
Where you have been imprinted or conditioned can be revealed, and a new story be created that feels very alive.

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