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Quantum Human Design Integration Pack

Quantum Human Design Integration Pack

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This is for you if you feel or know that the time is right for you to learn about your design and you are all in - you have a sense already you are going to be wanting to know everything there is to know about your chart, from the basics, to the advanced and through to the conundrums, planetary meanings, where you are in your life cycle and more. You also have a sense that you will need time for this to sink in and start practicing the new strategies, You also understand the physics of intention to take you forward to fast track your success and embed your authentic self as soon as possible so you can start living a more satisfying life. This reading gives you more opportunity to discuss your chart in detail reflecting on your past experiences, which results in you developing a deeper understanding of how you have been living your design. You get to see what it looked and felt like when you were following your strategy, where and how you get stuck, how you move forward and what themes keep coming up for you to experience. 

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