What to expect in a reading

Before the reading - I will make sure you have a copy of your chart and ask you what you want to know more about, perhaps where you are struggling/stuck or more about finding out your personal operating system.
We will go over the basics of your Human Design

  • Type (Essential design functionality, energy pattern, pain points)
  • Strategy (How to make the right Decisions for your Type) 
  • Authority (This informs your strategy)
  • Profiles (How you contribute to others)
We can then look deeper at what it is you are here to find out -
Life theme
Soul purpose
Where you have blocks
Where you have built in conflicts within your chart

Then we look at the other side and potential within your chart, how to use your strategy and authority to bring more ease into your life and bring in a new way of seeing yourself as whole, complete and perfect in your amazingly unique way.

You will go away feeling like you have just discovered your entire self - not just your mind, has seen, valued, honoured and revitalised.