Collection: Inital Quantum Human Design Readings

A Quantum Human Design gives you an incredibly accurate map of your unique internal operating system as a Human Being by using your birth time, date and place. Combining Astrology, the Kabbalah, Chakra system and quantum physics. Deepen your understanding of yourself to life more aligned to who you authentically are.

You can expect;
Before the reading - I will make sure you have a copy of your chart and ask you what you want to know more about, perhaps where you are struggling or stuck or you are interested in more in self discovery. 

If you are new - I will go over the basics of your Human Design

* Type
* Strategy
* Profiles

We can then look deeper at what it is you are here to find out -
Life theme
Soul purpose
Where you have blocks
Where you have built in conflicts within your chart

Then we look at the other side and potential within your chart, how to use your strategy and authority to bring more ease into your life and bring in a new way of seeing yourself as whole, complete and perfect in your amazingly unique way.

You will go away feeling like your entire self - not just your mind, has seen, valued, honoured and revitalised.  You get permission to be you!

You will have practical new strategies, tools and techniques that align you with your unique strategy and authority, understand why life goes the way it does sometimes, and begin to move forward with new understanding about how your operating systems are designed to work.

It sounds like a lot - and it is. You can only take in what you can at the time, so we record it so you can listen to it again and again to really take in and process a lot of it. That's why I offer other packages that allow and support better integration and de-conditioning tools such as tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Coaching to support and lock in your new identify and self belief.